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The ARCHMAT EMJM program has been designed to maximize the benefits both to students and the academic and non-academic staff involved. Its added value relies on the trans-national, inter/multidisciplinary and multisectoral character of the course, by:


The ARCHMAT Master Diploma holder will be fully qualified and in the ideal position to successfully embark in doctorate courses in Archaeometry and/or Science applied to Conservation/Cultural Heritage research fields either at ARCHMAT partner Institutions or elsewhere.


The ARCHMAT EMJM diploma holder will find himself in a privileged position to apply for job opportunities in the private sector (Restoration SMEs, private profession) and/or Scientific Laboratories of Museums, or other Governmental Institutions (Ministry of Culture, Regional and National local authorities) but also at several International Organizations devoted to the Protection of Cultural Heritage objects and sites such as ICCROM and UNESCO. The participation in ARCHMAT as associated partners of non-academic Institutions with high level national/international reputation and with strong contacts/affiliations with local Governmental agencies, Museum and Research Institutions will prove extremely useful to ARCHMAT students in their post-Master search for job and PhD research opportunities worldwide.


ARCHMAT is addressed not only to students pursuing their academic training but also to professionals and/or public functionaries already employed in Cultural Heritage and Archaeologically related institutions such as Museums, Ministry of Culture and other governmental cultural heritage agencies. In these cases, the ARCHMAT EMJMD course will serve as an updating-upgrading training experience. The need for high quality qualification/requalification of staff in the highly specialized ARCHMAT research field is indeed presently highly felt in the Archaeometry/Cultural Heritage/Conservation sector. This has proven successful with a number of former ARCHMAT alumni graduates who have returned to their countries to resume their professional career.