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The structure of the ARCHMAT EMJMD academic curriculum is as follows:

● In the first semester at UEVORA, 30 ECTS will be delivered: 24 ECTS by host Institution lecturers (UEVORA) and 6 ECTS will be delivered by lecturers/seminars/field workshops from associated HEI and Research partners (UBU, ICMA/CSIC, UGENT, BGU), by visiting scholars from outside institutions and via the participation of the students to International scientific meetings on the field of Archaeometry in respect of the academic schedule and planning at the host Institution. In particular the following workshops/Field visits are envisaged: "Management and Conservation of archaeological sites" (led by BGU+CHCC+ARC); "Atapuerca and Human Evolution (led by UBU); Raman Spectroscopy applied to archaeological materials (led by UGENT), Applications of Laser Technologies to Cultural Heritage materials (led by ICMA/CSIC).

● In the second semester at AUTH, 30 ECTS will be delivered: 24 ECTS by host institution lecturers (AUTH) and 6 ECTS belonging  by lecturers from associated HEI and Research partners and visiting scholars and participation to International Scientific Meetings.

At the end of the second semester, a 1week summer school (4 ECTS) will be organized where all partners of the Consortium (including associated ones) will participate and contribute to (either in person or via IT videoconference tools). In this way, by the end of the first year, the students will have had the opportunity to meet lecturers from all partners of the ARCHMAT Consortium and gained an overview of their respective areas of expertise that will help them to formulate early plans where to focus their interests in view of the final Master thesis work. In this respect, the possible Master thesis subjects will be communicated to the students during the summer school or immediately afterwards.

In the third semester at UNIROMA1, 30 ECTS will be delivered by lecturers of the host institution (UNIROMA1) and lecturers from associated HEI (POLITO, MAE-USP) and NGO/CSO and SMEs partners (FF, WATCH, ARC), by visiting scholars and by participation to International Scientific meetings.

● The fourth semester will be spent in UEVORA or UNIROMA1 or AUTH and will be devoted to the master thesis work. The thesis work will be conducted in collaboration between at least one of the 3 degree awarding institutions and one or more of the associated partners, involving an internship period at any of the associated partners institutions including Museums (MEH, MUCIV, CAL, MAE-USP, ISJ). Any internship period will be implemented under the direct supervision of one of the consortium partner HEIs and will be earning ECTS credits for the student involved depending on the duration of the internship period (indicatively 5 ECTS/month). Each student will be assigned a tutor for the master thesis project from one of three core Universities (UEVORA, AUTH or UNIROMA1) which will have the assistance of one co-Tutor from one of the non-degree awarding associated members according to the needs of the collaborative project chosen.

The general structure of the academic programme is illustrated in the table below:

First semester (Evora)

Students with Humanities Bachelor degrees Students with Science, Bachelor degree All Students
Basic Aspects of Science applied to Archaeometry
Excavation Methods, Culture and Context in Archaeology

Digital Techniques and Laboratory Practice in Archaeological Materials Science
Introduction to Archaeometry
Megalithic Culture

Second semester (AUTH)

All Students
Greek Archaeology — 6 ECTS
Advanced Scientific Methods in Archaeometry — 9 ECTS
Preventive Conservation of Archaeological sites — 6 ECTS
Linguistic Skills Applied to Archaeometry — 3 ECTS
ARCHMAT Summer School — 6 ECTS

Third Semester (UNIROMA1)

All Students
Environmental and Experimental Archaeology — 9 ECTS
Biological and Physical Methods Methods in Archaelogical Materials Science — 9 ECTS
Roman Archaeology — 6 ECTS

Elective courses
Smart Materials for Conservation in Archaeology — 6 ECTS
Human Bioarchaeology — 6 ECTS
GIS and Statistical Tools in Archaeological sciences — 6 ECTS

Fourth Semester (UEVORA or AUTH or UNIROMA1)

All Students
Thesis Work on a Collaborative Project between at the least two consortium Institutions and/or Associated members selected during the ARCHMAT Summer School scheduled at the end of the first year

All courses in the table above are mandatory. Please note that there will be no optative pathways


Lectures, Practical and Laboratory classes will be delivered by academic staff at each ARCHMAT partner Institution. Seminars by invited scholars selected amongst the top world experts in the field of Archaeometry, Conservation Science and Cultural Heritage Research will occasionally be delivered


The teaching language will be English although some units may be partly offered in French


After the completion of the 90 ECTS (3 semesters) and 30 ECTS of the Master thesis, a joint single diploma EMJMD Master degree will be awarded by the three full partners (UEVORA-AUTH-UNIROMA1) together with a Joint Diploma supplement signed by all ARCHMAT partners. The Diploma Supplement will describe the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies; an overview of the curriculum that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualification to the diploma supplement will be appended together with info regarding the Portuguese, Italian and Greek higher education systems.