REMINDER + CLARIFICATION NOTE ON EACEA SCHOLARSHIPS Call for applications to attend the 2018-2020 edition of the ARCHMAT European Master in ARCHaeological MATerials Science are open until the 1rst May 2018.

To apply, please go to the APPLICATIONS section and start by registering with your name and email. You will receive instructions on how to start filling your application. Any doubt, problem, please write to

The 2018-2020 edition does not guarantee (but it does not rule out the possibility of) the assigment of EACEA scholarships. This option is currently pending upon the evaluation of a renewal application filed by the ARCHMAT Consortium to the EACEA Agency whose evaluation results will be known by June 2018. In order not miss out on this opportunity, interested student candidates are strongly recommended to complete and send the application by the deadline as only ranked candidates who completed the application process will be considered in the event of EACEA decision to issue scholarships.

Regardless of the availability of full EACEA scholarships to top ranked candidates, the ARCHMAT Master Programme will, in any case be open for self-paying students with Participation costs fixed at 2500€/semester (total Master Course: 10.000€). To these students, a limited number of ERASMUS + and other mobility partial scholarships will be made available by the ARCHMAT Consortium that could be used to cover mobility expenses for one of the ARCHMAT semesters.

Online interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held on the first week of May 2018. Accepted candidates will be notified by the 11th of May 2018

Good luck to everybody
ARCHMAT Consortium



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