ARCHMAT is a 2-years Erasmus Mundus Master Course (120 European Credit Transfer Scheme - ECTS) within a consortium of 3 HEI (Evora-UE, Rome-UNIROMA1, Thessaloniki-AUTH) as full partners, 7 HEI (Avignon-UA, Palermo-UNIPA, Zaragoza-UNIZAR-ICMA, Fez-UF, Rio de Janeiro-UERJ, Polytechnic University of Turin - POLITO and Universidad de Burgos - UBU) and 3 non HEI Research centres (Laboratorio Jose Figueiredo/Instituto dos Museus e da Conservacao-IMC, Scientific Laboratory Musei Vaticani-MV, Archaeological Museum of AIANI) as associated members, providing students with specialized skills in archaeology and analytical charaterization of materials from prehistory (megalithic) to classical times (Greek and Roman)


The study and conservation of Cultural Heritage materials is a research area with a strong multidisciplinary connotation and requires skills that span across the Humanities and Science research fields. ARCHMAT provides a common, integrated platform for high quality students coming from different educational backgrounds (Science and Humanities) to understand the advanced scientific methods used to investigate archaeological materials and aims to form highly specialized professional experts in the emerging field of Archaeometry, i.e Physical Sciences applied to the study of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage materials


Classes will be delivered at Evora (coordinator), Rome and Thessaloniki. Associated members will give seminars/practical and field classes on Archaeometry specialised aspects and case studies. Occasionally, seminars by invited scholars will complement the curriculum


Call for online applications for each edition of ARCHMAT are published on the dedicated website (www.erasmusmundus-archmat.uevora.pt) in October each year with deadline in January of the following year (see How to Apply). The start of each edition of ARCHMAT Master Course is scheduled in September of the same year